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When you choose a Non-Network Provider, You may not receive the same Level of Benefits. Charges that exceed the Usual, Customary and Reasonable rates (also called “UCR.”) are not covered. You may be billed for charges that exceed UCR. This is called balance billing. You may need to pay more Out-of-Pocket Expenses.
The Plan will cover services for an Emergency Medical Condition treated in any hospital emergency department. If applicable, Emergency Services will be covered according to Your Benefits Chart no matter when or where you receive them. Plans will not require prior authorization or impose any other administrative requirements or benefit limitations that are more restrictive than services received from a Network provider. There may be times that services are necessary to be provided outside of the network. In order for services to be covered at the higher level of benefit, you must obtain approval before receiving the service. See Pre-Approval section below.
If you seek Emergency services from a Non-Network Provider, You may be billed for charges that exceed Usual, Customary and Reasonable. This is called balance billing. For example: If a Non-Network Provider charges You a fee of $125 for a procedure, and the UCR amount We have determined for this procedure is $100, then We will pay up to the UCR amount ($100), minus Your co-pay and co-insurance. You would be responsible for paying the amount that exceeds UCR, which is $25 plus any Cost Share. You are not responsible for paying any amount that exceeds the negotiated rate when you go to a Network Provider.
Your Network Provider will file Your Claim for You. If you go to a Non-Network Provider, You may need to use an application for Benefits form. You can get a copy of this form on-line by going to our website or by calling us at 330-363-6360 or 1-800-344-8858. Fill it out and sign the top half of this form. Be sure to answer all questions. Give the form to the Non-Network Provider and ask him or her to complete the bottom half. Either You or the Non-Network Provider must then send the completed form to us at the AultCare Service Center, P.O. Box 6910, Canton, Ohio 44706. In some cases, you may be able to attach an itemized statement from Your Non-Network Provider instead of having the Non-Network Provider complete the bottom half of the form. Generally, you must file a Claim within 24 months from the date you received Service, unless you are not reasonably aware that it must be filed because of Coordination of Benefits or Subrogation.
  • You have a Right to:
  • 1. Receive information about the organization, its services, its practitioners and Providers, and Member rights and responsibilities.
  • 2. Receive information about Your Coverage and services.
  • 3. A list of Doctors, Hospitals, and other Network Providers. See our website,
  • 4. Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • 5. A frank discussion with Your Doctor about Your medical condition, including appropriate and Medically Necessary treatment options, regardless of cost or Benefit Coverage and to participate in making decisions about your health care. Your Doctors are independent. They are not restricted or prohibited from discussing treatment options with you, including those that are not covered.
  • 6. Privacy of Your health care and Claims information. Your Protected Health Information will be used to pay Claims, as permitted by HIPAA and as described in Your Notice of Privacy Practices. Protected Health Information will not be disclosed to others without your authorization, except as permitted by HIPAA and state law.
  • 7. Ask questions, raise concerns, make Complaints, and Appeal Denials as explained in Your Certificate or Benefits booklet.
  • 8. To make recommendations about AultCare’s Member Rights and Responsibilities Policy.
  • 9. Request accommodation if you have limited knowledge of the English language.
This is a stated period of time during which premium may be paid after the due date to keep the plan in force. If you are not receiving an advance premium tax credit, and you have paid at least one full month’s premium during the benefit year including the latest payment period, we will offer a 30 day grace period prior to terminating your coverage back to the last day through which coverage was paid.

If you are receiving an advance premium tax credit, and you have paid at least one full month’s premium during the benefit year including the latest payment period, we will offer a 3 month grace period prior to terminating your coverage. If payment is not made in full for the outstanding balance by the end of the 3 month grace period, your coverage will be terminated back to the last day of the first month of your grace period.
  • We will do the following during your grace period:
  • 1. Pay all appropriate claims for services provided to you or Your Dependents during the 1st month of the grace period;
  • 2. Pend all appropriate claims for services provided to you and Your Dependents during the 2nd and 3rd months of the grace period. A pended claim means that we can neither pay nor deny your claim. In order to pay or deny your claim, we are in need of requested information;
  • 3. Notify the Exchange that you have not paid your Premium; and
  • 4. Notify your providers of the possibility for denied claims during the 2nd and 3rd months of your grace period.
  • A claim may be denied retroactively when:
  • A. Prior authorization for a service is required but there has been no request for review (prior authorization) to determine medical necessity
  • B. Services have been provided, and the member is no longer covered under the plan
  • C. Services have been provided and there has been no additional information submitted to AultCare for medical review to support that the continued services are medical necessary.
  • D. Services have been provided and the benefit has been exhausted

  • Ways to prevent retroactive denials:
  • A. Ensure that your provider has submitted appropriate clinical information for services that require prior authorization and be sure that the service is approved before receiving it.
  • B. Be sure that premiums are paid on time and that you meet eligibility requirements such as being in your area of residence for the required time.
  • C. If you are continuing to receive care for which prior authorization was required, be sure that your provider keeps AultCare informed of your progress and any needs for continued services.
  • D. Be sure to know your benefits and do not use them without being sure that they are necessary.
To request a refund due to overpayment of insurance premium by phone, please call AultCare Customer Service Center at 330-363-6360 or 800-344-8858. To request a refund due to overpayment of insurance premium by mail, please write to: AultCare Insured Customer Service, PO box 6910, Canton OH 44706-0910. Include your name, policy number and requested amount to be refunded with your correspondence.
  • MEDICALLY NECESSARY means Services, medications, or supplies provided by a Hospital, Doctor, Pharmacy, or other Provider to identify or treat an illness or injury, when those Services or supplies are determined to be:
  • A. Consistent with the symptoms or diagnosis and treatment of the condition, disease, ailment or injury.
  • B. Appropriate with regard to the standards of good medical practice.
  • C. Not primarily for the convenience of the patient, the Doctor, Pharmacy, or other Provider.
  • D. The most appropriate supplies, medications, or Services that can be provided safely to the patient. For an Inpatient, it means that the patient's symptoms or condition requires that the Services or supplies cannot be provided safely on an Outpatient basis.

  • Pre-Approval or Prior Approval / Prior Authorization (also called “Pre-Certification” or “Pre-Authorization”) is an evaluation of your medical case by Your Provider and AultCare medical professionals to determine the appropriateness of Your Hospital admission and expected length of stay. It means You or Your Network Provider must notify UM before You may receive certain Services, such as an elective Hospital stay, Transplants, and other Outpatient and Provider Services. Certain Referrals by Providers may require Pre-Approval. Pre-Approval is needed to help determine if other appropriate medical care possibilities have been explored and are within acceptable time elements.
    • • Prior Authorization for medication means medications will require a review by medical professionals to evaluate the clinical appropriateness for the requested medications.
    Responses are made according to the following time lines:
  • • Urgent care: not later than 72 hours of receipt of the request.
  • • Non-urgent, pre-service: within 15 calendar days of receipt of the request.
  • • Post-service: within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request.
  • • Requests to extend treatment of urgent care: within 24 hours of the request.
  • Prior-Approval is not required for treatment of Emergency Medical Conditions. For a complete list of services requiring Pre-Approval, please contact AultCare at 330-363-6360 or 1-800-344-8858.
  • Non-Formulary Medications
    AultCare Health plans have a managed prescription drug formulary. That means we have a certain list of prescription drugs that we cover. If a drug is not on our formulary we will not pay for the drug. Please see the list of drugs included on the AultCare Marketplace formulary.

    An exception request for coverage of non-formulary drugs can be made by the member, a designated representative, the prescribing physician or other prescriber. Requests can be made in writing, electronically, telephonically and faxed. To request a non-formulary drug, you may have your physician send an exception enrollment form to our pharmacy authorization department at AultCare, Attention: Pharmacy Department, P.O. Box 6910, Canton, Ohio 44706 or call us at 330-363-6360 or 1-800-344-8858. Fax 330-363-3284

    Responses are made according to the following time lines:

  • Internal Exceptions Request Review:
  • • Urgent (Exigent) request: not later than 24 hours of receipt of the request.
    • - Exceptions based on urgent (exigent) circumstances are approved for coverage of the non-formulary drug for the duration of the prescription, including refills.
  • • Non-urgent (Standard) request: not later than 72 hours of receipt of the request.
    • - Exceptions based on non-urgent (standard) request are approved for coverage of the non-formulary drug for the duration of the prescription, including refills.

  • External Exception Request Review:
    If we deny a non-urgent (standard) or urgent (exigent) request, we have a process in place to allow the request to be reviewed by an independent review organization. Notification of a decision on an external exception request will be given to the member, representative, or physician no later than 72 hours following receipt of the request if the original request was a non-urgent (standard) request. If the original request was an urgent (exigent) request notification will be given no later than 24 hours following receipt of the request. If an external exception request is approved, we will provide coverage for the non-formulary drug for the duration of the prescription.

  • Contact our AultCare Service Center at 330-363-6360 or 1-800-344-8858 if you would like to request an exception of a Non-Formulary medication. You may also find this information on the website at
AultCare processes an Explanation of Benefits (sometimes called an “EOB”) that describes how we handled Your Claim. An EOB is not a bill, Your Provider may send you a bill, if needed. You may visit our website at to view your EOB online, or, You may request a paper copy via mail. The EOB describes the Group Number and the ID Number of the person who received Services, what Services were provided, who provided them, and the date they were provided, any adjustments to show Cost Share, additional fee adjustments or Exclusions that You may or may not be required to pay, the total amount AultCare paid on the Claim and the date it paid, and the amount, if any, you are responsible for paying.
COORDINATION OF BENEFITS means the procedure used to pay health care expenses when a person is covered by more than one Plan. AultCare follows rules established by Ohio law to decide which Plan pays first and how much the other Plan must pay. This is to make sure the combined payments of all Plans are no more than your actual bills. The Coordination of Benefits (“COB”) provision applies when a person has health care Coverage under more than one Plan The order of Benefit determination rules govern the order in which each Plan will pay a Claim for Benefits. The Plan that pays first is called the Primary Plan. The Primary Plan must pay Benefits in accordance with its policy terms without regard to the possibility that another Plan may cover some expenses. The Plan that pays after the Primary Plan is the Secondary Plan. The Secondary Plan may reduce the Benefits it pays so that payments from all Plans do not exceed 100% of the total Allowable Expense.
If you have a question, problem, or Complaint, please call the AultCare Service Center. Our hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you live in Stark County, call 330-363-6360. You also may call our toll-free number 1-800-344-8858.

You can email us at We will direct your question to the proper person to answer. We will attempt to respond promptly, but that may not be the same day in which you emailed us. If you have a question that needs immediate attention, please call us.

You can fax us at 330-438-9804.

You can write us at:
AultCare Service Center
P.O. Box 6910
Canton, Ohio 44706

If you write, please list Your Group Number, and AultCare ID Number in your letter. This information is on your AultCare card. If you call, please have your current AultCare card in front of you.

The address for the Ohio Department of Insurance is:
Ohio Department of Insurance
Consumer Services Division
Third Floor - Suite 300
50 W. Town Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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